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  • Engineered to optimize blood flow
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"Words cannot explain how much the Eddie has changed my life."

-Robert Johnson

"I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally supported using Eddie."

-Gale DeJong

"Buy Eddie-you won't regret it!"

-Richard Christensen

FAQ about Eddie

How do I get the right size Eddie?

Using our Sizing Tool is the quickest and easiest way to find your size. If you try it and feel like another size would be more comfortable, we always offer free resizes. Your Eddie should be snug, but not too tight.

How do I know if Eddie is the right ED treatment for me?

Eddie was proven to work in clinical trials for men suffering from ED caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, PTSD, obesity, and other physical and psychological conditions. 95% of men completed the study with positive results.

What makes Eddie better than pills, pumps, and other ED treatments?

Eddie is more affordable than prescription pills and penis pumps, and doesn't share any of their potentially severe side effects. Eddie is shaped to comfortably fit the natural shape of your penis, unlike traditional constriction rings.

How does Eddie treat ED?

Eddie is a constriction device that applies pressure to the veins on top of the penis, while leaving the arteries and urethra unencumbered. This allows blood to flow into the penis, but not out. The open bottom shape allows for free, natural-feeling ejaculation.

How Eddie® Works

Meet the all-new systems revolutionizing pneumatic compression.

1. Slide

Slide Eddie to the base of your penis with the open side facing down.

2. Attach

Create desired constriction using either a sport or comfort band around both legs of Eddie.

3. Enjoy

Once you're stimulated, Eddie optimizes blood flow to help maintain your erection.

4. Wash

Clean using soap and water, then pat dry for best results.

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Meet the all-new systems revolutionizing pneumatic compression.

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